Secure auth for c++


With proxine your program is out main priority. Our auth is double layered with END2END Encryption from both server and client when sending over data. Our data can only be decrypted by our servers as all necesary data is secretly encrypted with values the server has access too. Join our discord to find out more!

Your data is secure


All our users data are encrypted so nobody is able to obtain sensitive material or change sensitive information. Your data is respected and will never be sold or used.

Why choose us?

Some of our feedback from customers


moodless#0001 - +rep good and secure auth. Never had problems with the hosting servers and performance


HITMAN!#7447 - I know i just vouched yesterday, but again this is one of the best Panels out there and cheap af and SUPER easy to setup, literally click build and done.


.Elysium¿#1337 - rep great product i recommend this anyone!


ZKC#1337 - +rep Great auth with best panel


vittiwolf#1337 - +rep nothing to say about it, it's perfect!

Rapid Support


Complaints and concerns are incredibly beneficial to us and aim to address all the problems reported in an urgent fix within the first few hours. It assures your happiness and confidentiality.

End2End Encryption


With each user possessing an unique encryption that rotates and unique result identifiers, all of our requests are difficult to understand, making it impossible to interpret or exploit any requests.